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Sunday, September 17, 2017


Hope you can join me this Wednesday, 9/20,
for Facebook Live at Five!  It's going to be a fall festival of ideas!

In some areas of the country the county fair or state fair are an exciting event that comes once a year. However, your students will get a kick out of singing this song all year long. It's a great brain break - if you don't believe me just see how challenging it is for you to do it!!!
Granny at the Fair (Echo chant - children repeat each line.)
My granny went
To the county fair.
And she bought
A rocking chair. (Begin rocking back and forth.)
And she rocked, and she rocked, and she rocked, and she rocked.

And she bought a fan there... (Begin fanning yourself with right hand.)

And she bought some scissors there…(Cut with left hand.)

And she bought some gum… (Begin chewing.)

And she blew a bubble there…

And she blew, and she blew, and she blew, and POP! (Extend hands by mouth.)

Here's my new video on youtube: