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Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Heigh-de-ho, heigh-de-hay,
How about some new ideas today?

It doesn't take much to make me happy.  Just looking through old files of ideas and finding gems like these makes my day.  And, I hope you'll find something here to make your day!

3 –H Good-bye
Heigh-de-ho, heigh-de-hay,
Sure am glad you came today.
Before you go, what do you say?
Hug, handshake, or high-5 today?
*Children choose if they want to give the teacher a hug, handshake, or high-5 before they leave the classroom.

Brain Nap (Elsa Jasso, El Paso) 

When you need a few minutes to talk to the principal or deal with something tell the children, “Close your eyes and take a brain nap.”

Zip It, Hip It, Lip It! (Erin Mensing) 

To get the children ready for the hallway say: 

Zip it. (Pretend to zip lips.) 

Hip it. (One hand on hip.) 

Lip it.(finger on

Kindness Sprinkles (Christin Cannan)
“Sprinkle” kindness (hands up and wiggle fingers) on the Star of the Week, Birthday Child, or for other occasions. 

Good Job Rally (Veda Hamrick) 

Have children form two lines facing each other. One at a time children walk between the two lines as friends give them "high five" and say, "Good job!" 

Hallway Hug (Jodi Spakes)
When children see friends in the hall teach them to do the hallway hug.
You (Hold up index finger.)
Me (Hold up middle finger.)
Hello (Cross middle and index finger and wiggle.)

Air Hug (Mary Katherine Ellis)
Open your arms as if giving a huge hug in the air.
*This is good for when students see a friend in the hall.
*This is also good when someone comes in or leaves the classroom and the kids want to jump up and give them a hug.
Problem Resolution (Carrie Thouvenot)
After students resolve a problem they can follow this routine:
1st - Fist bump
2nd - Hand shake
3rd - High five
4th - Hug
5th - Walk away happy!
Mirror Talk
If children talk ugly to a friend, then tell them to go talk like that in the mirror and see how it feels.