Friday, September 22, 2017


My friend Pat Gusoff sent this idea that she did last week. Talk about WIN/WIN!! Children learned math, developed small motor skills, had fun, and helped others!
I purchased about 40+ pairs of children's socks - Batman, Spider-Man, Paw Patrol, hearts, unicorns, pink, purple, striped, polka dotted, etc. for my class to sort and match. I put the socks in two bowls that I named "Sock Soup." What a great way to reinforce the number 2 and pairs! We did all sorts of matching activities and the children had to use their fine motor skills to clip their pairs with clothespins. After 3 days of fun (including a sock hunt in the hall with a clothesline to hang up the pairs) we went to our Temple office and delivered our socks to the large pile of other donations for the hurricane victims - our mitzvah of the month!  (Temple Trager ECEC in Louisville, KY) 
I'm only sharing this with you as an idea of what small hands and big hearts can accomplish!

Thanks for being there so I can share with someone who continues to care!

And thanks to all of you for visiting my blog so we can keep sharing as we pass on the torch to other teachers!!!