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Friday, September 1, 2017


A B SEE all of the alphabet activities on my website this month. I've got songs, dances books, and everything from A to Z.

Start your day with one of these ACTIVE LEARNING ideas that you can use with almost any alphabet song. You'll be getting your students' brains ready to learn while you get rid of the wiggles!

Stop and Touch

A clever way to help children make connections between what they are singing and the printed letter is to play a game similar to “freeze.” Several times during an alphabet song stop the music and have the children touch the letter on classroom print.

Body Letters

Challenge children to make letters with their bodies.
Air Writing
As you sing have the children write letters in the air with their index finger or another body part.

Sign Language
Teach manual signs for letters and practice them as you sing.  

*Make a sign language alphabet book using your student's hands.
Letter Pops
Glue magnetic letters to jumbo craft sticks and pass out. Children hold up their letter at the appropriate time in the song.

Letter Puppets
Staple two paper plates together 3/4 of the way around.  Write a large uppercase letter on one side and a lowercase letter on the other side.  Children wear these on their hands and hold them up when their letter is sung in an alphabet song.  

*You can also use these to make CVC words or sight words.
Clap, jump, hop, march, tip toe, and make other movements as you sing the ABC's.