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Thursday, August 31, 2017


Jennifer Mills has started a new Facebook group that I know many of you will want to contribute to.  If you're like me, I watch the news and think, "I want to go down there and do something!"  Well, here's something we can ALL do!

Friends, I wanted to let you know that I have created another Facebook group that I think will be a possible resource like the Hurricane Harvey Book Club. The group I have created is called Hurricane Harvey Games and Activities Club. Thank you Kathryn Butler Mills for helping inspire this idea, as well as all those out there volunteering to help so many that need it. My biggest goal for this group is to have activities people can do with limited resources and to help them stay positive. Please join the Hurricane Harvey Games and Activities Club and share your personal favorites. Everyone can share in words, with pictures, videos, etc. Please pass on this link so we can all do what teachers do best – HOLD HANDS AND HELP EACH OTHER!

Jennifer Mills
Lee Elementary
Cypress Fairbanks ISD