Friday, August 18, 2017


"Positive redirection" is the best solution to many common classroom problems. Today I've got some ideas that might work for children who constantly interrupt during a read aloud or when others are talking. I'd start by having a class discussion about how to be a polite listener. Remind children that it hurts people's feelings when you interrupt when they are talking.

Me, Too!
Sign language for "me too" is a way that children can show they've had a similar experience. Demonstrate how to stick out your thumb and pinky as you bend down your other three fingers. Touch the thumb back and forth to your chest to show "me, too"!
Show students the symbol for join/connect in sign language. (Hook two index fingers together.)  Students put one hand on their head for what’s in their head and then they hold out the other hand for what’s in the book.  Join the fingers together to connect what’s in their head and what’s in the book to make a schema.  Encourage them to show you that they are listening and connecting to the book as you read with this sign.
Paper and Pencil
Explain that if they have something to say during a story they can write it down or draw a picture so you can talk about it when the story is over.

Teacher, Teacher!
Tell children if they want your attention when you are talking to another adult or if you are busy they can hold your hand.  You can let them know that you are aware of them and will help them as soon as you can by placing your other hand on top.