Sunday, August 13, 2017


Over 40 years ago when I taught in the lab kindergarten at DeKalb College I found a purple ditto in an old file with this thought on it. “Source Unknown” was all it said at the bottom. Times have changed, but our hearts as educators remain the same. On this Sunday before many of you start your journey into the new school year I thought it was appropriate to remember WHY we do WHAT we do!

When I am introduced as a teacher, I generally hear a very flat, “Oh.” I have never been certain whether that is an expression of sympathy, pity, arrogance, or disinterest. Always I wish I had time to explain to them like this. Yes! I’m a teacher and I love my job!

Where else would a handsome and very young man put his arms around me and ask, “Do you know I love you?”

Where else could my limited wardrobe be complimented or have someone say, “You sing pretty.”

Where else could I eat a soiled cookie from a grimy little hand and not become ill?

Where else could I guide a chubby hand that some day may write a book or important document?

Where else could I get to play outside, laugh, sing, read and get paid for it?

Where else could I forget my own aches and pains because of so many scratched knees, bumped heads, and broken hearts that need care?

Where else could I forget about taxes and our country’s political problems because Josh isn’t adjusting as he should and Margo needs help with her math?

Where else could my mind stay so young as with a group whose attention span is so short that I must always keep a bag of tricks up my sleeve?

Where else could I feel so close to my Maker as I do each year because of something that I have done to help one of His little children learn and grow.

Yes, I am a teacher and I LOVE my job!