Monday, August 28, 2017


A song and a "happie" for hurricane Harvey victims!
If your school has been hurt by the hurricane please contact
me so I can send you some free materials.  (
Please pass this message on to anyone you know who needs a song right now.
How you start the school year will impact your classroom management the rest of the year.  Here are some tips to focus your children's attention before starting an activity.

If You're Ready to Get Started (Tune:  "If You're Happy and You Know It")
If you're ready to get started say, "I am!"
If you're ready to get started say, "I am!"
If you're not you're going to miss a lot.
If you're ready to get started say, "I am!"

Check Mate
Before starting a lesson, post a checklist of what students will need. As you read down the list, students respond, “Check!” if they are all set.

Pencils? – Check!
Paper? – Check!
Crayons? – Check!
Eyes Watching? – Check!
Ears Listening? – Check!
Hands and Feet Quiet? – Check  

Daily Schedule
Post the daily schedule and review each morning and after lunch to help children know what to expect. 

*Draw large T-shirts on poster board. Take photos of students doing daily activities. Write the activity, time, and glue the picture to the T-shirts. Next, hang a clothesline across the top of one of your bulletin boards. Clothespin the T-shirts in order to the line. As you move through the day, turn over each shirt so the students can see their day get shorter and shorter. When you get to the last T-shirt do an “end of the day” dance!!!

Planning Journals
Each student will need a spiral notebook for a planning journal. Give them 5-10 minutes each morning to draw illustrations or write plans for the day.

“To Do” Lists and Contracts
Make daily checklists to help students stay on task. Long assignments can be overwhelming, but completing one step at a time is more manageable.

Ketchup Folder
Have children create a folder for unfinished work that they need to "catch up" on.
Use a timer to encourage students to finish work and “beat” the timer.