Friday, August 25, 2017


These mini-offices will help students organize their work space and minimize clutter.  They will also encourage students to stay focused.

Tape two file folders together for each child. Let them decorate the outside with markers, magazine pictures, trading cards, etc. Staple a copy of the word wall to the inside. When children write in their journals or do independent work, they can stand their “offices” up on their desks. Words they frequently spell will be right there for them if needed. 

Hint!  Search “mini office” to download free printables for your grade level. 
*Make a reading office on one side and a math office with a hundreds chart, math mat, shapes, months, etc. on the other side.

*Adapt the offices for the age and skills of your students.  For example, you could make an "alphabet office" for the younger children.

*Use 2 pocket folders to make a mini-office. Children can insert papers they are working on in the left and work they have finished on the right.

*How about this math office with counting beads at the top?