Monday, August 14, 2017


Pat Gusoff told me about a fantastic family project she uses to decorate her room. You're going to love her ideas! 

Here is the canvas color board idea I did last year with my families.

First we made the “white” board together as a classroom activity. We “hid” white items all over the room and went on a color hunt!

This is a copy of the letter that I sent home. The children colored their note with their specific color.

We kept them hanging up all year and sent them home at the end of the school year!
Note! Michaels carries 8x8 canvas boards in packs of fives. Use your teacher discount and coupons that come in the mail.

I drew picture frames outside of our classroom for our children's first one-hour visit to draw their self portraits!

Go Fishing
Here is an oil pan from the dollar store that I painted blue with acrylic paint. I’ll fill it with water for the ping pong balls that I numbered and mini sharks! Happy fishing with the lobster claws!

P.S. She calls her ideas "Pat-rest" instead of Pinterest!