Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Yellow Pages
Encourage students to help their classmates with your very own YELLOW PAGES.
Tear off the front and back of your “Yellow Pages” to use for the outside of this book. Make inside pages for the book that say, “We are good readers.” “We can help you with the computer.” “We can tie shoes.” “We are good spellers.” “We like to draw.” “We are mathematicians.” “We like to clean.” (Include pages that represent the different academic skills,
 as well as common tasks in the classroom.) Encourage children to sign up on the pages where they can help others. When someone comes to you for help, remind them to look in the “Class Yellow Pages.”

Class Experts
Every student can see themselves as an “expert” with this idea. Make a poster with areas of expertise, such as cutting, writing numerals, writing letters, spelling, tying shoes, etc. Children get to sign their name and put their picture on the poster where they feel they are an expert. Students must consult at least “3 experts” before asking the teacher.

Help Me!

Give students a red and green plastic cup to keep on their desk. The green cup should be on top unless they need help. The red cup will indicate to the teacher to “stop” and help.

Waiting Chair
You know there are always a few students who constantly interrupt you when you are having a guided reading group. Put a chair next to your reading table and write "WAITING CHAIR" on it. Explain that if they have a question when your are at the reading table they should ask 2 friends for help. If they still need you they can sit in the "waiting chair" until you finish your lesson.