Sunday, August 20, 2017


Kids and lines don't go together very well, but it's a necessary part of classroom life. Instead of "keep your hands to yourself," try one of these positive approaches.
I’m Ready (Say or sing to the tune from "Gilligan's Island")
I’m looking straight ahead of me.
My arms are at my side.
My feet are quiet as can be,
I’m ready for outside.
Hint! Write the chant on a poster and tape it to the door.

Line Up Song  (Tune: “Hi Ho, Hi Ho”)
Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to (lunch, play, home, etc.) we go.
With our heads held high and arms by our sides
And our belly buttons all in a row.

Hips and Lips
Teacher says "Hips" - children put one hand on their hips.
Teacher says "Lips" - children put index finger from the other hand on their lips.

Hallway Trip
“Zip” – pretend to zip your lips.
“Flip” – fold arms across your chest.
“We’re ready for the hallway trip.”

Line Up Call Back
I say “line.”
You say “up.”
Line (teacher)
Up (Children)
I say “sit.”
You say “down.”
Sit (teacher)
Down (Children)
“Happy” – “Monday” etc. 

Let’s Pretend!
Marshmallows - Have the children put “marshmallows” in their mouths (Puff out cheeks.)
and put “marshmallows” on their feet. (Model walking slowly and gently.)
Museum Hands – Children clasp their hands behind their backs.
Butterfly Wings or Angel Wings - Children put their hands behind their backs and stick out their elbows and flap them like wings.
Fix It Up
When students forget school rules and appropriate behavior, simply say:
STOP! (Put your hand in the air.)
BACK IT UP! (Have them return to their seats.)
FIX IT UP! (Choose a child to describe the appropriate behavior.)

Days of the Week
Name your tables, rows, etc. according to the days of the 
week. On Monday, the “Monday table” gets to line up first all day long. For example:
“Monday table, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.” On Tuesday, call the “Tuesday
table” first all day. “Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday.” Every group will
have a turn being first as well as last.

Line Up Rhymes
Use these rhymes to dismiss children:
Apples, peaches, pears, plums –
Tell me when your birthday comes.
(Each child tells their birthday.)

Cat, dog, frog mouse –
Tell me the number on your house.
(Children say their street address.)

Ring, ring, anybody home?
What’s the number of your telephone?
(Children state their phone number.)

A E I O You may be dismissed.
(Point to children as you say the vowels. The child who would be “U” may line up.)

Wall Push Ups
While children are waiting and standing in line in the hall encourage them to do push ups against the wall.