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Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Here are some meaningful ways to encourage children to read throughout the day.

Morning Message

Write a message to the children about special activities each morning before they arrive at school.
Hint! Children will get a kick out of this message if it is written by a class mascot (aka stuffed animal or puppet).

          Good morning, friends!
          Today is Tuesday, September 12.
          It’s going to be a terrific day!
          We have P.E. with Ms. Coleman
          and it’s Joshua’s birthday.
          I’m so glad you’re here.
                   Love, Ted E. Bear
Choral Reading – Children read together.
Shadow Reading – Teacher reads a line and then students repeat.
Take a Turn - Divide children into groups and each section reads a different line. (For example, let boys and girls alternate reading lines.)

Read with me IF you…like chocolate ice cream
like broccoli          have a dog
can ride a bike      are wearing red

Mirror Mini Message 
Write a short message each day on a classroom mirror with a dry erase marker. It might be a “teaser” to interest children in a book you are going to read, it might praise a child for a special accomplishment, or it might be a reminder to whisper in the hall. 

Pocket Chart 
Use a pocket chart to list songs, nursery rhymes, or cheers children select each day.

Poems and Songs
Write words to poems, songs, and finger plays on posters and follow along as you sing and chant.

Big Books
Rereads of big books will develop children’s confidence and interest in reading.

Voice Box
Make copies of fluency cards (free on and place them in a small box. Let children choose a card and then reread books or poems using that “voice.”