Monday, January 15, 2018


Carolyn Kisloski who created the "Happies" with me is a treasure of good teaching strategies.  Honestly, I've been at this rodeo a LONG time, but she constantly teaches me something new.  


Why?  Little changes make a big difference for children. Special reading spots add an exciting twist to independent reading.

When?  Independent center time, whole group quiet reading

What?  List of reading partners, large craft sticks with different, special reading areas in the classroom written on each stick 

*Have as many special spots as there are groups of partners.

How?  Divide the class into partners for reading. Change the partners often, sometimes matching students with partners on their reading level and sometimes mixing levels. Each pair draws a craft stick with a special reading nook on it which will be their reading spot for the day. Some special places could be underneath tables, by the teacher’s desk, on the rug, in special chairs, or in the hall outside of the classroom. Students can take turns reading one book to each other or take their book bin to their nook and read quietly for the entire independent reading time. After one student reads a book, the partner must ask the reader one question about the book and give the reader one compliment about her reading.

More?  Invite another class, either at your grade level or another grade level, to read with your students during a special reading time.

This is a letter that Carolyn sends home to her families to give them ideas to use when reading at home with their child.  Most parents want to help their children, and this will give them specific strategies that they can use.  Actually, it's a pretty good prompt sheet for teachers as well!


Want more "happies" for your classroom?