Monday, January 1, 2018


Happy New Year!!!                                  
If I were in charge of the world, these would be my JUST BECAUSE GOALS FOR 2018.

I would start each day by greeting my children with a smile and a handshake – just because!

I would sing a song to start my day – just because!

Every day I would read a book that I like to my children – just because!

I would take my class out for recess every day (yeah, old fashion run around and do whatever you want) – just because!

I would do a finger play each day – just because!

I would do cheers each day – just because!

I would end our day with a song – just because!

And I would shut my door and have more FUN – just because Dr. Jean said I should because I will be happier and my children will be, too!!!

Step into 2018
You'll need is some funky duct tape for this project. Each day write some information you want to reinforce on a sheet of heavy paper and tape it to the floor with the funky tape by the classroom door. Children repeat the information each time as they go in and out the door. For example:
Letters - children say the letter and something that starts with the sound
Math facts - children say the answer
Sight words - children read the word
*Hint! You could also make letters, numbers, or shapes on the floor with the duct tape.


Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow - Make a brochure by folding a piece of paper into thirds.   Label the sections “Yesterday”…”Today…”Tomorrow…”  Children draw what they were like when they were little (babies or toddlers), what they look like now, and what they will be like when they are grown-up.
*You could also let children make a time line of their lives.  

New Year's Resolutions Flip Book
What is a New Year's resolution?  Why do people make resolutions?  
Make a flip book by folding a sheet of paper in half lengthwise.  Fold in half.  Fold in half again.  Open.  Cut halfway to the center fold as shown.  Write the numerals "2018" on the flips.  Children open each one and write (or draw) a goal for the New Year. 

Soaring in 2018 - Let children draw (or write) goals for the New Year on a blank sheet of paper.  Fold the paper into an airplane.  Children state their goal and then fly their plane across the room (or outside).

What I Didn't Get for Christmas!  Here's a novel writing topic to discourage children from bragging about what they "got"!

Ring in the New Year
(Tune:  “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”)
Let’s all do a little ringing,  (Shake hands as if ringing bells.)
Let’s all do a little ringing,
Let’s all do a little ringing
It’s a Happy New Year!

Let’s all do a little clapping…  (Clap hands.)
Let’s all do a little dancing…   (Dance around.)
Let’s all do a little smiling…    (Smile.)

When is your birthday?
When is your birthday?
When is your birthday?
Stand up and cheer.

(Say months of the year.)
January, February, March…(Children stand up on their birthday month.)

Let’s all be a little kinder…  (Pat friends on the back.)
For a Happy New Year!

*Check out our January Happies for a download of this song and lots of other ideas to help you smile through January!