Saturday, January 27, 2018


Don’t you just LOVE the Olympics! February 9th will be here soon so let's see how we can be a part of the fun!

Kinder Olympics
We created "Kinder Olympics" in our classroom by setting up different stations where the children could mimic different events.

Figure Skating - Give each child two paper plates and demonstrate how to put them on the floor and slide your feet. Can they skate backwards? Can they balance on one foot?

Ski and Count - Swing your arms from side to side as if skiing while you count by ones, fives, tens, etc.

Snowball Shoot - Write sight words, math facts, sentences, letters, or other skills you want to practice on scrap pieces of paper. Wad them up like snowballs. Children open the snowball, identify the information, and then they get to throw it in a box several feet away.

Speed Skate Spell - Extend arms as you say the letters in a word. Raise arms at the end as if winning as you say the word.

You can probably think of some other great movement ideas where children have fun as they learn.

The highlight of our Kinder Olympics was the medal ceremony. The children got to make their own medals by wrapping aluminum foil around a circle, and we made a torch from a TP roll stuffed with red and yellow tissue paper. We played some patriotic music and passed the torch around. Then we invited each child to stand on a stool and seriously said, "This medal is presented to child's name for participating in the Kinder Olympics."

Note! This is a great time to talk about the characteristics of an Olympic athlete. Encourage the children to discuss what it takes to be an athlete - how they have to train, eat healthy, support their teammates, and have a positive attitude.

How about some pompoms to cheer on the red, white and blue? Draw lines from the top of the lunch sack to the bottom flap about ½” apart. Let children decorate their bags, and then cut down on the lines. Place the flap face down on the table and roll. Wrap a rubber band around the bottom section to make a handle. (You can also use tape to secure the handle.) “Crinkle” the strips and shake like pompoms.


I found some other great ideas for celebrating the Olympics with kids on these websites: