Monday, January 22, 2018


How about a story today? Here's a video where your children can watch me "tell and draw."

I like to tell this story multiple times. Each time I tell it I'll stop and let the children fill in the missing information. After several times I'll have them draw and tell it along with me. What a great way to practice retelling a story in sequential order!

Snug as a Bunny
1. One day a man went walking with his arms behind his back.
2. It started to snow.
3. He got a sled so he could play in the snow.
4. But after awhile he got cold and decided to build himself a house with two stories.
5. He put two windows in the top floor and divided them in half.
6. Then he built two chimneys.
7. He threw some sticks on the fire.
8. And soon he was snug as a bunny!