Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Here's another simple idea from Carolyn Kisloski that can make lining up a learning game.

Why?  Taking advantage of those few minute transitions throughout the day can add
hours of instructional time to your year! These activities can make lining up to leave
the room another learning opportunity for your students.

When?  Large group

What?  3” X 5” cards with different numbers on each card

How?  Write one number, zero to twenty (or as many as students in your class), on each
3” X 5” card. Shuffle the cards and hand one to each student sitting at the desk or table. Have students line up in numerical order at the door. 


More?  Have students line up and organize themselves silently. 

As the year progresses, write one number on each card, but begin at a number
other than zero, for instance 12 or 36, and count on from there.

If your class has trouble recognizing certain numbers, for instance 12 and 20 or teen numbers, only hand out cards with those tricky numbers written on the cards. Call twelves to line up. Then, call twenties.

Make cards with numerals, ten frames, dots, or objects. Call a number to line up. 

Draw shapes on cards to practice shape names and recognition.

Use color cards and have students line up in an AB or ABC pattern.

Write, “You go 1st.” or “I am 1st.” on a card for an extra surprise.

Call the game, “Snowball Line-Up,” and have each number written on a piece of
scrap paper. When you call students with a certain number to line up, they can crinkle their paper into a snowball and throw it into the recycling bin on their way to line up.

You could also ask students to put their cards in a basket by the door when they line up so the cards are ready to use next time.