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Wednesday, March 28, 2018


I was looking through some old blog posts this weekend and I found some fantastic ideas that are worth repeating! "Cluck, cluck" is definitely something that I would do!

Cluck - Cluck 
When several children come up to you at the same time wanting to ask a question or say something just start clucking like a chicken. The kids will probably look at you like you're going “nuts” and walk away. Then you can deal with them one at a time as you smile inside.

Tag Along BookCut 2 sheets of copy paper and one sheet of construction paper in half. Place the white paper on top of the construction paper and fold in half. Punch 2 holes near the fold and attach a pipe cleaner handle and you’ve got a book that can “tag along” wherever you go!

Habitat Flip Book 
Make a flip book as shown. Draw an egg, tree, cave, or other animal home on the front flip. Open and draw a critter that you would find in that habitat. Hold up to the light to see your little critter in its home.

Park That Comment (Jess Pesola)
This idea will help you with students who have tons of stories or interjections. Create a parking lot from a poster for ideas, questions, and stories. Students write a word or phrase on a post it and put it in the parking lot to remind them. Come back to parking lot comments at the end of the lesson.
Walking Motions (Stacy Hermann)
To make sure kids are quiet while walking in the halls, have all the students make a certain motion. For example, they could tap their shoulders when walking.

Mirror Talk
If children talk ugly to a friend, then tell them to go talk like that in the mirror and see how it feels.

Pass the Mike Recall (Marsha Edwards)
At the end of the day sit or stand in a circle. Use a plastic microphone or cylinder block as you chant:
Pass the mike.
Pass the mike.
What do you have to say?
Pass the mike.
Pass the mike.
Tell what you liked (or learned) today.
(Pass the mike to several children and let them tell what they learned or liked.)