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Thursday, March 8, 2018


Most of us don't like to stop when we are in the middle of something. This idea will help children bring closure to their work and get ready for a new activity. Set a timer and explain, “You have five more minutes (or however much time you have). When the timer goes off you will need to be cleaned up and ready to go…”


Hint: You can also have a classroom helper called the “five minute person.” When there’s five minutes left of centers, recess, etc. that person walks around holding up five fingers on their hand as warn classmates and say, “Five more minutes! Five more minutes!”

Beat the Clock
Help children bring closure to activities by playing "beat the clock." Set the timer on your phone for however minutes you want and challenge the children to be ready by the time the alarm goes off.

Music Box
Each morning wind up a music box. Explain that when you want the children to get quiet you will open the box. As soon as they hear the music they should "freeze" and look at you. When they are all attentive you will close the box. Challenge the children to be so quick that there will still be music left in the box at the end of the day.