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Friday, February 18, 2022


You know, there are a lot of great ideas for teaching materials on FB, but many things are costly and time consuming.  Take a look at these simple learning opportunities from envelopes.

The world keeps changing, but children are the same. They loved puppets over 40 years ago when I started teaching and they still enjoy putting their hand in a puppet and making it come alive. To make an envelope puppet seal the envelope and cut in half as shown. Give children markers, crayons, and other art media and set their creative juices flowing!

Retell a Story
Let children make a puppet of their favorite character from a book and use it to retell the story.

Nursery Rhyme
Make a character from a nursery rhyme and use it to say the rhyme. Encourage children to take the puppet home and say the rhyme to their parents.

Make puppets with different expressions (happy, sad, angry, scared, surprised, and so forth). Let children use the puppets to describe when they feel that way.

People Puppets
Have children glue photos of famous historical figures or heroes. Encourage them to use the puppet to talk about why they admire that person.

Animal Puppets
Let children make puppets about animals you are studying about in science. Use puppets to describe animal characteristics.