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Thursday, February 24, 2022


These math sticks are easy to make and can be used in many ways. You’ll need magnetic numbers and shapes, jumbo craft sticks, and a strong glue (such as E6000). Glue the numbers and shapes to the sticks and you are all set!


Number Recognition
Pass out sticks to children. Can they walk around the room and match up their number with classroom print? Can they match their number with that amount of objects in the classroom?

*Let children hold up appropriate sticks as you sing or say number rhymes.

Numerical Order

Can children get in order from 0-9?

*Pass out sticks and play “I have___? Who has ___?”

Can You Find?
Children walk around the room and find a number less than theirs. Can they find a number that’s greater? Can they find a number that’s the same?

Number Friends
Call out a number. Students have to find a friend whose stick added to theirs makes the sum. Record the different combinations.

Shape Hunt
Pass out shape sticks for children to match in the classroom. Are the shapes flat or solid?

*Walk around the school and look for shapes.

*Look for shapes on the playground.