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Sunday, February 6, 2022


How about adding these plastic cups to your phonics center?  

Materials:  plastic cups, permanent markers, letter stickers, E6000 glue

Note!  The good thing about using the bathroom size cups is that you can stack them and store them in Pringles cans.

Alphabet Cups
Write letters on the sides of the cups. Children can put these in alphabetical order or make words with the cups.
(I put the uppercase letter on one side and the lowercase letter on the side.)


*Trace around the bottom of a cup and write uppercase letters in the circles. Have children match cups with lowercase letters.


*Glue pictures to cups and use them to match beginning sounds, ending sounds, vowels, etc.


*Put letters together to make spelling words and word wall words. As a follow-up ask children to write the words.

*Write words on cups. Children can arrange them to make simple sentences.


*Write word families on cups. Children can read the words as they stack the rimes.

*Glue pictures of opposites or write synonyms on cups to make a matching game.