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Thursday, November 5, 2020


How about some simple animal rhymes today? 

*You'll also find a link for the "Color Farm" book that you can use with the class and a smaller black and white one that the children can use individually.


I give you milk.
Do you want some Now?
I say, "Moo, moo."
I'm a _______

In the dirt
I play and dig.
"Oink, oink, oink!"
I'm a ____.

I hatch from an egg.
That's quite a trick.
"Peep, peep, peep!"
I'm a _____.

I'll give you a ride
on my back, of course.
"Neigh, neigh!"
I'm a _____.

I flly in the sky
without a word.
"Tweet, tweet!"
I'm a _____.

When it rains
I'm in luck.
"Quack, quack!
I'm a ____.

I can be white or black,
skinny or fat.
"Meow, meow!"
I'm a ____.

I'm your best friend.
I'm not a hog!
"Woof! Woof!"
I'm a ____.