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Thursday, November 19, 2020


I've got two silly songs today that can be sung or chanted.  It's a natural way to nurture oral language and phonological awareness when you start and end your day. 

Hello Friends! (Better Bodies and Brains CD)
Hello, jell-o!
Hi there, grizzly bear!
How are you, caribou?
I’m fine, porcupine!
What’s up, buttercup?
Not much, coconut!
This is how our day begins.
Nice to see ya, tortilla!
Hi, hi, pumpkin pie!
How’ve you been, dolphin?
Just great, rattle snake.
What’s shakin’, little bacon?
Not a lot, tater tot!
This is how our day begins.
Bonjour, dinosaur!
Good day, blue jay!
Howdy, brownie!
Welcome, bubble gum!
Hola, cola!
Yoo hoo, tennis shoe.
This is how our day begins.
Give me five, dragon fly.
Shake a hand, rubber band.
Here’s a hug, doodlebug.
Wave to me, bumblebee.
Come on in, my friends
With a smile and song
This is how the day begins! 

Here's the newest video that my webmaster Alex May has created to go with the song:

Picture Cards

Alex has also created two sets of cards (3" x 4" and 4" x 6") to be used for follow-up activities.  They can be printed on card stock or regular paper.

For a limited time, these cards are free for readers of my blog.

Print each set on regular paper, or for 3x5 cards, use Avery 5388 or equivalent.
For 4x6 cards, use Avery Post Card stock, 4.25 x 5.5 or equivalent.

Turn these into books so the children can practice reading with their families.

Cut pictures into puzzles for the children to put together.  (Adapt the number of pieces to the ability of your students.)

Make two copies of each card.  Place facedown on the floor and let children turn over two at a time as they try and match pictures.

Good-Bye Friends!

Good-bye Friends! 
(Totally Reading CD)
See you later, alligator!
After while, crocodile!
In an hour, sunflower!
Maybe two, kangaroo!
Gotta go, buffalo!
Adios, hippos!
Chow, chow, brown cow!
See you soon, baboon!
Adieu, cockatoo!
Better swish, jellyfish.
Chop chop, lollipop.
Gotta run, skeleton!
Bye-bye, butterfly!
Better shake, rattlesnake.
Good-bye, my good friends!

*This song also makes a great class book.  Let the children dedicate the book and then add the school's name as the publisher and the copyright date. The children can sign their names as “Illustrators,”  and be sure and add “The End."

Here’s a book you can download to go with the song: