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Saturday, January 8, 2022


House Book
Fold the paper in half lengthwise to form a crease. Open. Bring upper left corner to the center crease. Bring upper right corner to the center crease. Fold up the bottom edge to make a house.


Use for: learning addresses

my family (how we celebrate, have fun, etc.)

colors, letters, shapes, number words

word families

following directions

title of story and favorite part/character

animal homes

NAPPING HOUSE – recall characters

number house

homework – write words in their house they can read

Directions: Fold a sheet of paper into thirds to create a brochure.

*You can also try the easy version where you roll the paper into a “burrito" and “smash” flat.


Sequence - Write/draw what happened at the beginning of the story, the middle, and the end.

Sorting - Sort words with one letter, two letters, and three letters.

*Sort words with one syllable, two syllables, and three syllables.

*Sort nouns – people, places, and things.

*Science - Turn the brochure vertically and sort animals in the air, on the ground, and under the ground.

*Sort food that grows in the air, on the ground, under the ground.

*Sort transportation in the air, on the ground, on water.