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Wednesday, January 19, 2022


If you want a joke today, I’ve got some winter riddles and knock knocks for you. If you don’t want to hear a joke, just delete this and I’ll be back tomorrow.

Note! Telling jokes to your class is a fun way to develop language skills (double meanings and phonological awareness) and help your students "think outside the box." A good idea is to ask students who "get" the jokes to "think out loud" and explain their thought process to classmates. It's a natural way to help slower students scaffold to a higher level.


What did the snowman have for breakfast?
Frosted Snowflakes

What is a snowman’s favorite snack?
Ice Krispy treats.

What’s it called when a snowman has a temper tantrum?
A meltdown.

What do snowmen wear on their heads?
Ice caps.

Where do snowmen go to dance?
The snowball.


Where do snowmen keep their money?
In a snow bank.

What do snowmen like to do on the weekend?
Chill out.

How do you scare a snowman?
Pull out a hairdryer.

How do you know that a snowman crawled into your bed with you?
You wake up wet and there’s a carrot on your pillow.

What do you call a snowman in the summer?
A puddle!

What does Jack Frost like best about school?
Snow and tell.
How did Jack Frost get to work?
By icicle.

Why did the boy keep his trumpet out in the snow?
Because he liked cool music.


Knock!  Knock!
Who's there?
Snow who?
Snow one at home at my house.


Knock, knock!
Who's there?
Emma who?
Emma bit cold out here - let me in!

Knock, knock!
Who's There?
Accordian who?
Accordian to the weather channel, its going to snow tomorrow!

Knock, Knock!
Who’s there?
Ken who?
Ken I come in? It’s cold out here.

Knock, knock
Who's there?
Atch who?
Bless you!

Knock, knock
Who's there?
Icy who?
Icy you!