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Wednesday, January 5, 2022


Adaptability and flexibility are characteristics of the executive function that we can give children opportunities to develop in the classroom.

Many Ways
Sing different versions of the same song or read different versions of folk tales. Remind children that there are many ways to do things, and that’s O.K.

Note!  A teacher told me she felt guilty because she used different movements when she did songs and the kids would correct her.  I told her to tell her students that "muscle confusion is good for the brain."  End of criticism!!!

Variety – The Spice of Life 
Vary work groups and seating arrangements in the classroom. 

*Have students turn their chairs around and face the back of the room.

*Let children exchange seats with a classmate.

*Do “Tummy Time” where children lay on the floor and read, write, and work.

*Sit like a boss and put your feet up on your desk.


President of the Day

Let children take turns being the “President of the Day.” They can act like a “leader” and perform simple routines.

State Changes 
How about Whisper Wednesday where you whisper all day? 

*Turn off overhead lights.

*Give children sugarless bubblegum to chew.

*Have silly sock, sports day, cap day, dress up day, and other theme days.

*Use colored paper or colored pencils.

Opposite Day 
Flip your schedule for the day by starting with a good-bye song and reversing the order until you end with a good morning song. Read a book from the last page to the beginning. Be sure and eat your dessert first when you go to lunch!