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Monday, January 3, 2022


Helping children set realistic goals will nurture the executive function and boost their self-confidence.

Cheers and Goals
Give children a piece of paper. Have them fold it in half and write “Cheers” on one side and “Goals” on the other side. On the “Cheers” side encourage them to draw pictures of three things they have learned that make them feel proud. (Older students could label these and younger students could dictate descriptions.) On the “Goals” side children draw pictures of three things they are working on. Again, they can write sentences or dictate goals to the teacher.

*This would be a good work sample to share with parents at conference time.

Paper Airplanes
Ask children to write and illustrate goals on a piece of paper. Next, demonstrate how to fold the paper into an airplane. Let students fly their airplanes across the room or on the playground as they visualize themselves achieving their goals.

Pride Portfolio
Invite each child to decorate a file folder and store in a special box or tub in the classroom. When they do something they are proud of they can date it and store it in their folder.

*Hint! If you did this with an illustration and writing sample at the beginning of each month they could “revisit” past work and see how they are improving.

New Year's Resolutions Flip Book
What is a New Year's resolution? Why do people make resolutions?
Make a flip book by folding a sheet of paper in half lengthwise. Fold in half. Fold in half again. Open. Cut halfway to the center fold as shown. Write the numerals "2022" on the flips. Children open each one and write (or draw) a goal for the New Year.