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Tuesday, November 15, 2022


Talk about simple, fun, meaningful, and engaging! These activities can be adapted to almost any skill or concept you want to reinforce. Best of all, they are FREE!

Touch Something
The teacher says a letter (word, color, shape, object) and the children have to walk around the room and touch something that matches the word.

Scavenger Hunt
Give children a list of objects to find around the classroom, or use as a homework/family activity.

Can you find a square?
Can you find something that's purple?
Can you find something that rhymes with BUG?
Can you find something taller than you?
Can you find something smaller than your thumbnail?

MORE! Check out this free download with tons of fun scavenger hunts that Julie Scully has created:

Whisper and Release
When you ask a question have the students hold up their palm and “whisper” the answer in it before closing their fingers and making a fist. When the teacher says, “Release!” students open their palm and say the answer.