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Sunday, November 13, 2022


These callbacks are great attention grabbers, but they also help children develop self-regulation.

Teacher says: Macaroni and cheese.
Children respond: Freeze please! (Freeze and look at the teacher.) 

Teacher says: Hands on top.
Children respond: Everybody stop! (Put hands on head and freeze.)

Teacher says: Ready?
Children respond: Spaghetti! (Stand up straight.)

Here are some games where children will be encouraged to self regulate.

Freeze Dance
This can be done to any type music. (If I were you, I’d choose something that I personally liked or maybe my college fight song.) The children spread out as you encourage them to find their own space. Remind them that if they get out of their space or touch anyone else they are out of the game. Explain that when the music starts they can do their own happy dance, but when the music stops they must freeze. Start the music and dance along with the children. Stop the music randomly throughout the song.

*Give children specific movements to make until the music stops. For example, you could ask them to march, tip toe, run in place, etc.

*For older children make them sit down if they move. Who can be the last one standing?

Stop and Touch
Here’s a way to help children make connections between letters and print as they sing, dance, and freeze. Have the children find their place. Explain that you will play an alphabet song and when the music stops they will have to find that letter in the classroom, touch it, and freeze. Continue playing the song and stopping on random letters. 

Hint! Alphardy, Who Let the Letters Out?, Letter Pops, Kick Box the ABC’s, or Happy Birthday Letters would all be fun for this song. 

Bubble Freeze
All you’ll need is a bottle of bubbles for this game. Explain that you will blow some bubbles and they may tip toe, jump, walk, or move quietly around the room until all the bubbles hit the floor and pop. When all the bubbles have popped they must be frozen.
*This can also be used to quiet children at circle time.

Draw or Write and Freeze
Give children a blank sheet of paper and a pencil or crayons. The younger children can draw as you do this activity, and the older children can write. (It’s a sneaky way to get them to practice writing letters, numbers, or words.) Tell them that you will set a timer (I’d use my phone) for one or two minutes. They can begin drawing or writing, but when the timer goes off they must put their pencil down, stand up, and do five jumping jacks. (Vary the exercise that you ask them to perform.)