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Sunday, May 26, 2024


We will celebrate Flag Day on June 14, but here’s a song you can sing all year to prompt your class before saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

We Love Our Flag
(Tune: “Farmer in the Dell”)
We love our flag.
We love our flag.
We love America
And we love our flag.

Red, white, and blue,
Red, white, and blue,
The colors of our country’s flag
Are red, white, and blue.

50 stars of white
On a field of blue
Stand for 50 states
Where we live, it’s true.

Thirteen stripes
In red and white
Stand for the colonies
For freedom they did fight.

We love our flag…

* Use the words in the song to explain the meaning of the stars and strips.

Here’s the link to download the book:

Check out this video to learn another song about our flag. The last verse is my favorite:
We are all Americans
And so we always say I CAN!
We try and do our best
Because we are Americans.

Flag Etiquette
Teach children flag etiquette and the importance of not dragging the flag on the ground.

Design a Flag
Give children a sheet of white paper and the scrap box and let them design their own flags.

Art Parade
O.K. If you've read to the end of this blog, I've saved the best idea until last. Whenever your class completes an art project let them "parade" their creations around the room. Put on some catchy music and they can walk around in a circle holding up their work. It's so funny because they really think they are "special."

At age 77 I still impress others (especially when we play Trivia) by singing this song about the states.  This might be a fun challenge for some of your students this summer.  Music really is magic because if children learn with a song it will be in their brains forever!

The Fifty Nifty States  (Tune: “Turkey in the Straw”)
There are 50 states in my country,
If you sing along you will learn them with me.
We are all very proud of the red, white and blue.
We’ll start with “A” and work our way through.

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas
California Colorado Connecticut Delaware
Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho
Illinois Indiana Iowa Don’t you know!

Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine
Maryland Mass. Michigan Minnesota
Miss. Missouri Montana Nebraska
Nevada N.H. New Jersey New Mexico

New York N.Carolina N. Dakota Ohio
Oklahoma Oregon Penn. We’re on a roll!
Rhode Is. S.Carolina S. Dakota Tennessee
Texas Utah We’re near the end, you see.

Vermont Virginia Washington State
West Va. Wisconsin Wyoming This is great!
We can sing them, we can say them, and now that we’re all through.
Kiss your brain and say, “Yahoo!”

*Hope you'll like this video my webmaster Alex May made for this song.  It sounds a little "off" because he had to slow down my singing to fit in the states.  It's still a fun way to learn.