Saturday, June 15, 2013


If you’ve got a field trip to the zoo or if you read HORTON HEARS A WHO, 
your students will enjoy making this elephant puppet.  You will need a white paper plate, a sock, crayons, 2 brad fasteners, and 2 gray sheets of construction paper for each child.
Cut 2 ears out of the gray construction paper.  Cut a circle large enough for the child’s hand out of the middle of the paper plate.  (Color the plate gray if you desire.)  Draw a face on the plate as shown.  Attach the 2 ears to the sides of the plate with brad fasteners.  Insert the hand in the sock and then stick the sock through the back of the plate to create the elephant’s nose.

What a Nose!
(Tune:  "I'm a Little Teapot" - Dr. Jean & Friends CD)
Elephants walk like this and that.      (Stick out one arm like a trunk and stomp
                                                                 from side to side.)
They’re terribly big and terribly fat.    (Arms out wide.)
They have no hands.                           (Hold up hands and shake head no.)
They have no toes.                              (Point to feet and shake head no.)
But, goodness, gracious, what a nose!   (Stick out arm like a trunk.)

One Elephant Went out to Play
One elephant went out to play -         (Hold up one finger.)
Out on a spider's web one day.          (Roll hands around.)
She had such enormous fun.              (Stick arms out wide.)
She called for another elephant to come.   (Cup arms by mouth.)
Two elephants went out to play....     (Hold up two fingers.)

*Let children act out this rhyme.  The first child chooses the second child.  The second child chooses the third child, etc.
*What does "enormous" mean?  What are other things that are enormous?  
*Could an elephant really play on a spider's web?  Why not?

CD Puppet
You can also make an elephant puppet from an old CD.  Draw a face on the CD with permanent markers.  Tape on construction paper ears and let the children insert their index finger in the hole to make a trunk.  (Grown up fingers are too large for the hole!)