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Thursday, June 20, 2013


Fish Finger Play                       
1, 2, 3, 4, 5,                                      (Slowly hold up one finger at a time on right hand.)
I caught a fish alive.                        (Clap hands together as if catching a fish.)
6, 7, 8, 9, 10,                                    (Hold up fingers on left hand.)
I let it go again.                               (Open palms and pretend to release.)
Why did you let that fishy go?      (Shrug shoulders.)
Because it bit my finger so.          (Hands on hips.)
Which finger did it bite?               (Shrug shoulders.)
The little finger on my right.         (Hold up pinky on right hand.)

Hint!  Talk about double meanings of words by explaining what a "school" of fish means.

Paper Plate Fish
You will need paper plates, brad fasteners, markers, and crayons for this project. Cut a triangle out of the paper plate to be the mouth of the fish. Attach the triangle to the back with the brad fastener to make the tail. Color with crayons or paint with water colors.

Hint!  Tie in "greater than" and "less than" with the fish's mouth.

Five Little Fish
(Tune:  “Down in the Meadow in the Itty Bitty Pool” - Silly Songs CD)
No little fishies swimming in the sea,      (Hold up fist.)
Splishing and a splashing           (Pretend to swim.)
And a rocking to the beat.
Here comes a little fishie, (Wave.)
Oh, say, “hello.”

One little fishie swimming in a row.   (Hold up one finger.)

One little fishie… (Hold up one finger.)
Two little fishies… (Hold up two fingers.)
Three little fishies… (Hold up three fingers.)
Four little fishies… (Hold up four fingers.)
Five little fishies… (Hold up five fingers.)

*Choose 5 children to act out this song.

*Make fish puppets from old socks.  Glue on googly eyes, fins, and a mouth as shown.  Let wear these as they act out the song.

*Make fish out of felt and use on a flannel board to demonstrate addition and subtraction.