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Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Fitness/Learning Trail
Get scrap cardboard, a marker, tape, and you’ll be set to make your own fitness trail.  Cut the cardboard into 8” x 10” pieces.  Write different body and brain exercises on each card and tape to different locations on your playground.  For example:
         10 jumping jacks
         say a nursery rhyme
         8 windmills
         count backwards from 20
         12 squats
         name your city, state, and country
         15 sit ups
         name 5 insects
         7 push ups
         sing the ABC’s forwards and then backwards

Number Hunt
Take several lunch sacks and write different numerals on each one.  Give each child a bag and challenge them to find a set and put it in the bag.  Let children share what they have found with their friends.  Have children return the objects to where they found them.
Hint!  This can also be done with a partner or in small groups.

Collect sticks, rocks, and other items on the playground and challenge children to arrange them from largest to smallest.

Have children take off their shoes and trace around their foot on heavy paper.  Cut out.  Use the “foot” to measure on the playground.  How many feet long is the slide?  How many feet wide is the sidewalk?  How many feet from the door to the water fountain?