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Tuesday, June 25, 2013


LOVED  the OK teachers last week.  We put our hands together to make a heart!

I’m Thinking of a Letter  (Lauren Griffin)
(Tune:  “My Mother Is a Baker”)
I’m thinking of a letter, a letter, a letter.
I’m thinking of a letter and it sounds like this:  (make letter sound)

*I’m thinking of a word, a word, a word.
I’m thinking of a word and it rhymes with this:  (say a word)

Birthday Crown  (Samantha Spagnola)
To make an inexpensive birthday crown fold a paper plate in half.  Cut along the center crease to the rimmed edge and then cut three additional slits.  Fold back from the center of the plate as shown.

Pencil Grip  (Deborah Bergman)
Lay the pencil on the table with the point towards you.  (That’s your worm.)  Make a beak with your thumb and pointer finger.  (That’s your bird.)
Have the bird pick up the worm with its beak.  (The point of the pencil is towards you.)  Flip the pencil back as the bird pretends to swallow the worm.

Books from the Bag Ladies  ((Ambur Bell and Samantha Spagnola)
Several teachers had attended a workshop put on by the Bag Ladies and they shared the ice cream book and the flip flop book.

Envelope Math
Cut an envelope in half.  Insert several fingers inside and have several fingers outside.  Children have to predict how many fingers are inside.  This would be a great game to play with a friend.

Birthday Bulletin Board  (Amanda Vernon)
Take a picture of all the students who have birthdays in each month.  Have each child hold a white board with the date of their birthday.  (Example:  January 12)  Make a bulletin board with their pictures and birthdays.

Pre-Writing Sign In  (Lora Siever)
Write the first letter in each child’s name across the top of the board.  To sign in children find their letter and draw a line from their letter to the bottom of the board.  (This will develop the concept of top to bottom.)

Divide a piece of butcher paper into fourths and draw pictures of two friends hugging (hug), lips (Hollywood kiss), a hand (high five), and two hands shaking (handshake).  Laminate and tape outside the classroom door.  The teacher stands at the door the first month of school and greets each child according to where they stand on the doormat.

Wait, Please!  (Waynel Mayes)
To help children learn to wait courteously have them place their little hand on you when they need something.  The teacher touches their hand to let them know you’ll answer them as soon as you can.

Germ Juice  (Julie Kewley)
Give children antibacterial lotion when they come in the classroom.  Make a label for the hand sanitizer that says the teacher’s name on one side and “Germ Juice” on the other side.  After hugging their parent at the door or when they come in from outside give them a squirt of the germ juice.
*If they pick their nose remind them to get some germ juice as well!

Cherokee Good Morning Song (Meda Nix - Cherokee Nation Immersion School) 
(Tune:  “Where Is Thumbkin?”)
O si yo                                                Hello
O si yo                                                Hello
To hi tsu ko higa                               How are you today
O si yo                                                Hello
Ni gad a quu                                     All of you
O si yo                                                Hello
O si yo                                                Hello

Going Crazy  (Cherokee Nation Language Immersion School)
Tohigesd(i)   agilulotsv                                    Go slowly    crazy
Nigalisdino                                                        I am going
Sawu tal tso nvg hisg sudal(i)                        1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Ditsadanetli yv n(a)                                          Everybody switch

Nigalisdino tohiges                                          I am going   go slowly
D(i)agilulotsv                                                     crazy
Sudal hisg nvg tso tal sawu                           6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Ditsadanetliyvn(a)                                            Everybody switch

Growing a Sentence  (Julie Fletcher)
Use the step book to encourage children to expand a sentence.

Sticky, Sticky Bubble Gum  (Dena Dassel)
Clap hands together and pretend like gum is sticking to them as you say the chant below:
Sticky, sticky, sticky, sticky bubble gum,
Bubble gum, bubble gum.
Sticky, sticky, sticky, sticky bubble gum
Makes my hands stick to my elbows.
Repeat using other body parts.  End with, “Makes my hands stick to my lap.”

Clipboard Assessment  (Mona Horn)
This is a terrific idea for making anecdotal notes and observations.  Stagger 5”x 8” index cards and tape to a clipboard.  Write each child’s name on the bottom of the card, along with their birthday, hand dominance, etc.  Record “one word” progress, challenges, or “funnies” on the card.
*The teacher who shared this sad that since she teaches two sessions of pre-K she has a clipboard for each session.  She writes a minus in front of a word if kids need more practice (ex:  - cutting) or a plus (+ pencil grip) if the child has mastered a skill.  She also said she keeps a cover sheet on top to protect the privacy of each child.