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Saturday, June 29, 2013


Look!  Look!  Look!  You’ll find some real goodies I brought you from Victoria, Texas, and Nashville, Tennessee.

EYE CAN! For the Common Core  (Leigh Ann Towater)
Cover a Pringle’s can with paper and glue on wiggly eyes.  As you recite focus standards for a lesson hold up the can and say, “I CAN match with one-to-one correspondence.”  After the lesson say, “Roar to the core” and roar like lions.

If You’re Ready to Get Started (Leigh Ann Towater)
(Tune:  “If You’re Happy and You Know It”)
If you’re ready to get started say, I AM!  (Children say, “I am!”)
If you’re ready to get started say, I AM!  (Children say, “I am!”)
If you say that you’re not,
You’re going to miss out on a lot.
If you’re ready to get started say, I AM!  (Children say, “I am!)

Questions and Comments (Krissi Carr)
To avoid getting off track have children make a “C” with their hand and hold it up if they want to make a comment.  They can hold up their pinky finger if they want to ask a question.

Photo Op  (Krissi Carr)
When students are at a center and finish their work, but the teacher can’t get to them, try using a digital camera.  The child writes her name on a strip of paper, puts it under the finished center, and takes a picture.  Have a file on the computer where you can store their individual photos.  If a parent calls and says, “What’s my child doing?” you can email the photos.

Magic Carpet (Mary Cottingham) 
To help prevent interruptions during reading groups or centers have a “magic carpet” (carpet square) where children can stand until the teacher acknowledges them.

Beanie Baby Reading Buddies  (Heather Apple)
You know all those beanie babies you bought thinking they’d make you rich one day?  Well, you might not get rich, but here’s an idea where they will be loved.  Store them in a basket and children can choose one for a reading buddy.

Counting On  (Rachel Carter)
Children sit in a circle and one child at a time adds to the count.  The secret of this version is that you start and stop with a random number.  For example, you could start with 32 and when you get to 52 that person has to sit down.  This is a perfect way to reinforce the math standard “count forward beginning with a number…”

Rainbow Cheer   (Jennifer Cannon)
Draw a rainbow in the air while saying the colors of the rainbow – red, orange, yellow, etc.  End with hands on cheeks and say, “Awww!  How nice!”

Alligator Cheer (Jennifer Cannon)
Chomp with hands like an alligator three times and then rub your tummy and say, “Mmm, mmm, good!”

Who Is Smarter?  (Rhonda Hoper)
Randomly during the day shout, “Right now!  Right now!  Right now!  Who in the room is smarter than you were when you walked in the door this morning?”  Kids will get excited to tell you what they’ve learned.  Let kids take turns shouting out the question.

Tony, Tony!
When you can’t find something in the classroom say, “Tony, Tony look around.  Something’s lost that must be found!”

Cheerleader Cheer  (Beverly Hummel)
Say, “Great!” while you bring your right arm down like you’re holding a pom pom.  Say, “Great!” as you bring your left arm down.  Then say, “Great!” with both arms.

Football Player Cheer (Beverly Hummel)
Make your arms go in like a muscle man as you lean over and say, “Great, great, great!” or one loud “GREAT!”

Look at all the Junior Birdmen in Victoria!