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Monday, June 24, 2013


I was in Broken Arrow as well as Oklahoma City last week and I “harvested” some super ideas for you!

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning
This song is from the musical OKLAHOMA!  I told the teachers I’d make up some new words for them.
Oh, what a beautiful morning.
Oh, what a beautiful day.
I’m so glad you’re all here.
We’ll work and learn and play.

We’ll count and add and subtract.
We’ll read books and write, too.
The Common Core State Standards
Will be lots of fun for you!

Oh, what a beautiful morning.                                         
Oh, what a beautiful day.
We’ll discover new things with our friends.
And be kind and helpful today.

Shoelace Math  (Krystal Whitaker)
Write numerals on a shoelace as shown.  Add a bead.  Children can slide the bead to count, add, find a missing number, tell one more, etc.
*You could also write letters on a shoelace.

Clipboard Flip (Krystal Whitaker)
Tape index cards to a clipboard as shown.  Write letters or numerals on the cards.  Students can draw pictures, add stickers, make sets, cut out pictures, write words, make sets, etc.
*You can also use this for assessment.

Mrs. Butterworth  (Jennifer Hatfield)
Use the label off Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup for the Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly.

Bingo Instrumental
On the “Bingo” song instead of clapping each time you leave out a letter, play a different rhythm instrument.  If you don’t have instruments, you can make a different sound or movement for each letter.  (Stomp foot, pat head, snap, etc.)

Key Change  (Karen Williams)
When combining music and movement point out a “key change” each time the music changes an octave.  Key change can be pointed out in numerous other ways while participating in music.  For example, children could march in a different direction with key change.  This tool enhances ear training for learning in areas involving literacy, math, and other aesthetic experiences.
*Much discussion and modeling is required to enhance this understanding.

Buddy Rotation  (Deb Enkers)
You will need lids from juice containers and photos of students for this activity.  Cut out photos to fit in the lids and put magnetic tape behind.  Line the lids up in rows of two.  Remove the first lid and put it on the bottom.  The others move up.  That way everyone will have a partner for activities they can do together.

Seasons Canvas  (Jennifer Cook)
Collect things from “treasures” from nature each season.
Fall:  red, orange, brown leaves, sticks
Winter:  sticks, cotton balls for snow
Spring: leaves, flowers
Summer:  grass, green leaves
Each season glue the leaves to a piece of canvas.  Put the four canvas squares together to make an outdoor collage.

Line Up (Lesa Moore)
Hamburgers, hotdogs,
Move your buns.
Mayonnaise, mustard,

Backpack Reminder  (Lisa Grider)
Write reminders for parents on strips of paper and staple to the handle of the children’s backpacks.

Smartkles and Behavior Beans
Cover a small Pringles can with paper.  Add a spoonful of rice or beans.  Pretend to sprinkle the children’s brains with “smartkles” when learning something new.  Pretend to sprinkle them with “behavior beans” to help them self-regulate.

Call Back Attention Grabber
Teacher says:            What’s gonna work?
Children answer:       Team work
Teacher says:            Marco
Children:                     Polo
Teacher says:            Peanut butter
Children:                    Jelly