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Saturday, June 8, 2013


Here are some great backyard sports!

Broomstick Hockey
You will need children's brooms and a rubber ball for this game.  Children hit the ball with the broom and try to get it in a box or designated area.

Take several empty liter bottles from water or soft drinks and arrange them in a triangle.  Children stand behind a line and roll a ball, trying to knock down the plastic bottles.  Count how many they knock down.  Let children can take turns rolling the ball and setting up the bottles for each other.
Hint!  Fill the bottles with water if it’s a windy day.

Paddle Ball
To make paddles, place two paper plates together and staple ¾ of the way around.  Insert the hand and use like a paddle.  Roll up a scrap piece of paper to make a ball.

Balloon Tennis
Bend two coat hangers into diamond shapes.  Stretch the legs of panty hose over the diamonds and knot at the end.  Bend up the hook of the hangers and tape it to make handles.  Blow up a balloon and you’re set of a tennis match!

Goofy Golf
You will need several empty cardboard containers or boxes.   Turn the containers upside down and cut an arch out of the bottom similar to a mouse hole.  Set the containers up on the grass and let the children practice hitting golf balls in the holes.
*You can also make a golf course with hula hoops.
*Use small brooms and tennis balls instead of golf clubs.