Sunday, July 31, 2011

Desktop Writing

Desktop Writing

Here’s an idea to save for when you’re setting up your classroom.  Did you know you could write directly on the surface of desks and tables with a Sharpie marker.  It can be erased with a Mr. Clean eraser.  Think of all the possibilities for this!  Names, alphabet letters, number lines, sight words, notes of encouragement….!

You can also write on a mirror with a dry erase marker.  Put reminders, such as “Remember to wash your hands!”  Congratulate a child on a special accomplishment.  Write a daily riddle or brain teaser.

Tater Tot Cheer

When I was at the ETSU Conference this week Seglinda taught me the Tater Tot cheer.
For a good job give a tater tot.  (Make a fist and stick out the knuckle of your index finger and tap with your partner.)
For a better job give a tater.  (Make fists and touch all knuckles.)
For a super job give some fries.  (Extend fingers and wiggle as you touch.)

Grandma's Finger Play
(Rita Quarles shared this finger play that she learned from her grandmother when she was little.  Just an example of how all those rhymes and songs stay in our brains forever!)
Two little hands soft and bright.  (Hold up hands.)
This is my left.  (Extend left.)
This is my right.  (Extend right.)
Ten little fingers standing on each.  (Wiggle fingers.)
So that I may hold a plum or peach.  (Open palms up.)
When I get as big as you,
Lots of things these hands will do!  (Clap hands.)