Sunday, July 10, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!

Here I am in Las Vegas at the National I Teach K Conference. WOW! This is some city! I can't wait to sing and dance with kindergarten teachers from all over the USA! Rock and roll! Here's an echo chant I'll be doing tomorrow. It is a take off on my "Alligator" song. It could easily be adapted for any grade level or school. Chorus: Kindergarten. (Children repeat each line.) Kindergarten. Kindergarten. Is the best. Is the best. Is the best class. Boys and girls come to school. They learn to read and write. Making books and writing words. They really are so bright! Chorus Boys and girls learn to count. They also know their shapes. They learn to add and subtract. Their teachers think they're great! Chorus Boys and girls make new friends. They learn to follow rules. They laugh and cheer and sing a lot. It's cool to be in school! Chorus Trashcan Tips Jena Snowden emailed that she named her trashcan "Miss TRASHLEY.". She asks the children to bring in "clean trash" during the week. On Friday they practice reading the logos. What a meaningful way to make print connections through environmental print! Tessa (spotlight on kindergarten) adapts her trashcan for different themes. During their zoo unit it becomes Leo the Lion Letter muncher and eats letters. It's cool to be in school!