Saturday, July 2, 2011


Firecracker Sandwich

This is a great idea for lunch or a snack.  It can be adapted in so many ways to meet your child’s dietary needs and tastes.  When cooking with children, the more that THEY can do, the better it will taste to them! 

You will need:
flat bread, pita bread, tortilla, or a slice of bread
* If using bread remove the crust and roll flat with a rolling pin.
peanut butter and jelly, cheese, sliced meat, roasted veggies – whatever!
plastic wrap and ribbon (red, white, and blue if you have it)

Wash your hands!
Spread the filling on the bread.
Roll up the bread nice and tight.
Place the rolled sandwich on a piece of plastic wrap and roll. 
Twist the ends and tie on the ribbon.

Give yourself a firecracker cheer.  Place palms together at your waist and move up above your head in a snake like motion as you make a hissing sound like a firecracker shooting in the air, “Ssssss.”  Clap your hands together over your head to represent a firecracker going off.  Wiggle your fingers around and down like sparkles as you say, “Ahhhh!”

Go to my website (, click on “videos” and scroll down until you get to “cheers.”  You’ll be able to see me demonstrate the firecracker and lots of other fun celebrations.