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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Handy" Fly Swatter

“Handy” Fly Swatter

You can buy a fancy fly swatter or just get an inexpensive one and cut it to look like a hand.

Adapt it to different skills by sealing an envelope and cutting it in half.  Slip the open end onto the fly swatter.  Write a letter or word on the paper and then challenge a child to find the same letter or word in the classroom.  You could also use it for matching colors and shapes.

Write sentences on the board and leave off the punctuation at the end.  Take 3 envelope halves and draw a large period, question mark, and exclamation point on them.  Let children practice reading sentences as you use the fly swatter to put different punctuation marks at the end.

Write “s,” “ed,” “ing” and other inflicted endings on envelopes.  Write root words on the board and then change the endings with the fly swatter.

 Here’s a comment Tessa (Spotlight on Kindergarten) sent yesterday:  “Love the fly swatter ideas! I cut hole in the small ones (I'm sure I found them in a dollar spot somewhere) and we swat sight words in our literacy stations or use the hole to frame sight words in our guided reading books.”