Sunday, July 3, 2011


Parent Power Pak

Have you visited my July, 2011, website to check out the PARENT POWER PAK?  I worked very hard on those activities for months, so I hope you’ll find all the resources and ideas useful.  Research continually reflects the importance of involving families in their children's education.  And, the earlier we engage families, the more likely they will stay active.

I’m especially proud of the downloads because that’s something I would have loved as a teacher.  There are reading calendars, activity/homework calendars, and “recipes for fun” for each month.  My daughter (Dr. Holly) helped me make some videos demonstrating the monthly activities for parents so you can look forward to seeing those in September.  They are a little hokey and homemade, but if one parent does something with their child after watching them, then that’s what it’s all about!

One of my favorite ideas is called the BROWN BAG SPECIAL.  This is a terrific idea for parents who work.  At the beginning of the school year ask for parent volunteers to help you make games, copy materials from the internet, collect supplies, etc.  Next, get a large paper grocery sack and write “Brown Bag Special” on it.  The child will feel so proud when she gets to take it home and the parent will feel a sense of involvement. 

 *When you need a game made place the materials for making the game along with the directions in the bag.  Choose a child to take it home to their parents.   
*Instead of using your printer and paper to download games and books from the internet, send home a note in the "Brown Bag Special" and a parent can do it for you.