Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Discovery Bags

What do you do with all those bags you get at conferences?  Here are some 
"discovery bags" you can create to use in your classroom this year.  

Why?             writing; science concepts; math; vocabulary; motivation

What?            computer bag, old briefcase, backpack, etc.

How?             Fill a computer bag with some of the materials below.

Concept Bag –Put objects that are the same color, shape, beginning
sound, etc. in the bag

Theme Bags – Collect books about a particular theme.  Add pencils, paper, crayons, and ask children, “What can you find out?”

Tell Me More – Put an object in the bag and give the children clues.  When they guess what it is, take it out of the bag and encourage the children to describe the object.  Keep saying, “Tell me more!” as they use more adjectives to describe the item.

Writing Portfolio – Put paper, envelopes, sticky notes, pencils, pens, colored pencils, stickers, scissors, glue, and other writing paraphernalia in the bag.

Math Kit – Add a calculator, ruler, minute timer, counters, toy money, tablet, pencil, calendar, and other math related objects to the bag.

Science Kit – You will need an old white dress shirt (short sleeve) and safety goggles to make a science kit.  Write “scientist of the week” on the pocket.  Add paper, pencils, a magnet, magnifying glass, and book of science experiments to the kit.  One child each week gets to be “scientist of the week” and take home the bag on Monday.  They choose a science experiment and practice it at home with their parents.  On Thursday, they return the kit and present the experiment to their classmates.

Happy Bag – Fill the bag with a special book, puppet, game, flashlight, and other small toys.  Use for emergencies to make children happy.

Art Portfolio – Place construction paper, markers, crayons, glue, scissors, play dough, and other art media in a bag for individual creative activities.

Take Home Activities – Send home games, books, puzzles, and other activities children can work on at home with their parents.
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