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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


What kind of pie do ghosts like to eat?  Booo berry, of course?
What are the birds giving out for Halloween this year?  “Tweets!”
What do you get when you take the inside out of a hotdog?  A hallow weenie!

Handprint Art – Trace around children’s hands and feet on white paper.  Glue to black construction paper and let children add details.

Ghost Busters – Cut ghost shapes out of white paper.  Write letters, numerals, words, or whatever skill you want to reinforce on the ghosts.  Staple ghosts to a bulletin board and let the children identify the information as they swat the ghosts with a fly swatter.
*You can make a similar game from a file folder.  Glue a hand to a craft stick and use to swat the ghosts.

Scary Things – Halloween is a good time to talk about things that are real and things that are pretend.  It’s also helpful to talk about things that scare us.  I always talk about things that scare me, and that usually encourages the children to open up and talk about things that scare them.  Everybody’s afraid of something, and that’s O.K.  Make a class book called “Scary Things” where each child draws their fears and dictates or writes a story about them.