Thursday, October 6, 2011


Tuesday I was lucky to be invited to sing at three schools outside of Charleston in Berkeley County.  I hope the kids had as much fun as I did!
The teachers all made me feel so welcome that I wanted to share these ideas with you.  If you ever have visitors to your school, I’m sure they’ll feel as appreciated as I did.
 Is this cute or what?  The kids all had on watches that said, “It’s Dr. Jean time!”

 Another school had a banner.

 Here is a book a teacher made as a take off on “The Cool Bear Hunt.”  It’s called “We’re Going on a Dr. Jean Hunt.”  Each page had this repetitive question, “Is Dr. Jean at restaurant, store, etc.?  No!  Where is Dr. Jean?”  The children all drew a picture of a different place in their community and filled in the name.  The book ended with “We found her at College Park Elementary on October 4th.”  There were little paw prints on each page as they tracked me down.

Thank you Berkeley County!