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Friday, October 28, 2011


Choose a stuffed bear or other animal to listen to children’s complaints and tattles.  Explain that when you are busy they can always tell Teddy their problems.  He’s always there waiting to be their friend.

Here’s another great idea for tattle tales.   Put a photograph of the President on your wall and say, “I’m just your teacher.  Why don’t you tell the President?”  You won’t believe it, but the children will walk over and talk to the picture!

You can also put an old cell phone on your desk for children to tell their concerns.  Explain that you’ll listen to your messages at the end of the day.

Or, get a spiral notebook and write “Things the Teacher Needs to Know” on the cover.  When children come to tattle hand them the book and say, “Write it all down and don’t leave out a thing.”  If they say, “I can’t write,” respond with, “Well, just draw a picture and don’t leave out a thing!”

One of my favorite stories about tattle tales came from a teacher many years ago.  When her students tried to tattle she’d smile and say, “I’m sorry.  Today’s not tattle tale day.  Wait until May 14th and then you can tell me.”

Another teacher said she used the concept of an Oreo cookie for tattle tales.  The child reporting had to say one nice thing, then the tale, then another nice thing.

Hope one of these ideas will work for you!!!