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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


A long time ago we did more art projects in our classrooms.  Why?  According to Eric Erikson, elementary age children are in the age of “industriousness.”  They like to MAKE things and use their IMAGINATIONS.  Here are a few art projects that are simple and fun for all ages and abilities.  Use them as a "bonus" for children who finish their work early, put them in a center. or tie them in with your lesson plans.

Negative Space
Materials:           paper, scissors, markers or crayons
Directions:          Cut a hole out of the middle of each sheet of paper.  Challenge children to look at the hole and then create an object out of it.
*Extend the activity by having children write about their pictures.

Complete the Picture
Materials:         paper, magazines, glue, markers or crayons
Directions:        Ask children to cut a large object out of the magazine.  Next, cut the picture in half.  Glue one half to their paper and then draw the other half with crayons or markers.

Alphabet Art
Materials:         paper, marker, crayons
Directions:        Draw an alphabet letter in the middle of each page with the marker.  Each child chooses a letter and then tries to incorporate the letter into a picture.  Challenge them to draw something that begins with the letter.
*Put their pictures together to make an alphabet book.

Little to Large
Materials:         paper, crayons
Directions:        Draw a small shape or seasonal object in the middle of the paper.  Children trace around the object with different colors of crayons.
*Reinforce geometric shapes with this project.  Younger children can do triangles and older students can trace trapezoids or pentagons.