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Monday, December 5, 2011


Short on money for gifts?  Check out my December website for lots of projects your students can make for their parents.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Luggage Tag
Here’s a practical, simple, and easy gift even the youngest students can make.
You will need:  pipe cleaners, alphabet beads, decorative beads

Directions:  Let children select alphabet beads for the name they wish to put on the luggage tag.  String alphabet beads along with decorative beads.  Twist the ends to make a circle that can be attached to a luggage handle.

Paper Bookmark
Anybody would be thrilled to get a handmade bookmark.
You will need:  wrapping paper scraps, construction paper, scissors, glue, self laminating sheets, yarn, beads

Directions:  Make bookmarks by cutting the construction paper into 2” x 8” rectangles.  Let children decorate with wrapping paper scraps and personal drawings or a photo of themselves.  Cut self-laminating sheets into 2” x 8” rectangles and seal to the bookmarks.  Punch a hole and attach a piece of yarn decorated with beads.

Personalized Note Cards
Parents or relatives will be thrilled with these note cards.
You will need:  card stock, children’s drawings, black crayon or marker, ribbon or yarn

Directions:  Give children a 5 ½” x 4 ¼” piece of paper and ask them to draw a picture of themselves or their family.  Make two copies of their design and glue to the bottom of another sheet of paper as shown.  Run off 5 copies on cardstock.  Cut down the middle and fold in half to make note cards.  Tie together with ribbon or yarn.

Adaptations:  Add envelopes to go with the cards.

Hint!  Do a class design and give sets of cards to school helpers and volunteers.

I GOT IT!  I caught a little Christmas spirit!  We heard the Charleston Gospel Chorus sing last night and it was AMAZING!  I think we become so immune to the sounds of the season because they are piped in every place you go.  A live performance stirs the heart and rekindles the magic of the season.  Shut your door and SING LOUD!